Have you ever wanted to start your own bank and make money from every single transaction? Well, now you can.

For a reasonable licensing fee, you will receive the following benefits from running your own banking platform.

- Earn fees from every single transaction.
- Your own branding and your own domain name.
- All logistics infrastructure completely taken care of so you can focus on growing your own borderless bank.
- All technical infrastructure completely taken care of so you do not worry about hiring a big team of engineers.
- Allows you to add new cryptocurrencies. Charges may apply.
- Allows you to send fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies to your users.
- Allows you to receive fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies from your users.
- Allows you to set your own interests rates and other configurable parameters.
- Provide your users with all the relevant services which are available on
- This opportunity is mainly relevant for entreprenuers whom have marketing skills.

To get started, please email [email protected] for further discussions.

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