Our platform does not perform the financial transactions directly. We work with Agents and Partners, such as licensed banks and remittances companies and money changers to facilitate the transactions globally. In return, they receive part of the fees for the work.
Being an agent allows you to make money by facilitating the transactions made by users on the platform. There is some criteria plus an upfront cost, fully refundable, to apply as an Agent for our platform. Please use the Contact Us page to reach us to apply as an Agent.
Unlike a traditional bank account, we do not need any private or personal information from you. As a user, you have full privacy when using our platform. And unlike a traditional bank, our operational cost savings are passed down to the users so you earn higher interest rates and pay less fees for the same service and we are open 24 hours a day, every single day.
We use offline cold storage for cryptocurrencies and our platform had been tested and audited by security professionals. Our team had built similar platforms with a perfect track record of zero security incidents.
Please refer to our licensing page on the Menu which should contain the information to get you started.
When you request for a withdrawal, a withdrawal confirmation email will be sent to you. Please check your spam folder in case it lands there. Click on the withdrawal confirmation link in the email to proceed with the withdrawal request. Our platform will not proceed with the withdrawal request until you completed that email confirmation process.
Contact our staff and we will usually respond within 48 hours. During peak periods, we may take longer to respond.

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