MyCashBank is an online bank that supports both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies and offers you more benefits than traditional banks. This is because MyCashBank has much lower operational costs compared to traditional brick and mortar banks, we are able to offer much better benefits to the users. Not only do users receive much higher interest rates on their bank deposits, traditional banking services such as remittances are considerably cheaper with us. This is the future of borderless banking revolution.

- Your own private online bank account in your mobile phone.
- Allows you to earn up to 5% interest rates per year with your deposits.
- Allows you to take loans with your cryptocurrencies as collateral. Loans are usually instantly approved.
- Unlike traditional bank loans, we do not charge any late fees and there is no minimum repayment amount. You decide how much to pay and when.
- Allows you to remit both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies globally from your mobile phone.
- Allows you to earn money as an Agent.
- Pays you money for our stablecoin redemptions. (Limited Time Only!)

Currency Exchange

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